Dear Sean Hannity


I sent the following letter to Sean Hannity at fox news, but it came back as undeliverable.

Address not found

Your message wasn’t delivered to hannity@foxnews.combecause the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

I have tried to tell my story to many people using many different methods of communication over the past two years. (FB, Twitter, emails, a blog, and mailed letters.) Some of my mailed attempts have been to my US representative to Congress for Illinois, Mike Bost. I have written to Pres. Trump and others.

I find it impossible to sneeze in a 280-character text box. I have been able to get my presentations down to about 500 words. This attempt is lengthy at 948 words. I have written to US Rep for IL Dist. 12, Mike Bost. I have written to the US attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With 2018 being an election year, I can understand that Rep. Bost may have been a little busy, but I feel that this is the sort of thing that the FBI and the US attorney were created for, I’m still waiting for a response.

Even if I am completely wrong, my message is plausible and is being intentionally suppressed on the Internet. If my message was full of lies and innuendo about the President and First Lady, it would be wholeheartedly endorsed and advertise able on the Internet. It would also be held as being representative of free speech. Instead, my story consists of what the AMA will ultimately call an isolated incident. The AMA owns the facts and dissenting opinions are not allowed on the Internet. The pharmaceutical industry can be the ONLY answer to what the AMA identifies as a disease.

I would like to start a 21st century Boston tea party. Except, instead of a group of men dressed as Indians this mob consists of disabled men and women carrying canes, crutches, walkers, others missing limbs, many in wheelchairs or on electric scooters. Instead of throwing tea overboard, we would be throwing pharmaceuticals overboard and screaming, fuck you we don’t want your snake oil, we want our health back!

I suspect that a medical cartel consisting of the FDA, the American Medical Association, the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, and the tax-exempt fund-raising organizations all profit from people like me and have created a swamp that drains the quality of life and finances from 50 million people in the United States, it also drains the wallet of every US tax payer.

They all feed the need for each other and like leeches they are draining life and finances from all of us. Some of us to a greater degree than others.

My explanation of multiple sclerosis follows:

Multiple Sclerosis is an intentionally incorrect mis-diagnosis. This missed diagnosis is part of a very profitable global, confidence game.

Multiple Sclerosis is believed to be the fault of a dysfunctional immune system that is attacking the tissues of the body.

I have a plausible explanation for these diseases that does not leave any mystery.

Congenital venous malformations impede the flow of blood and cause the heaviest substances of the blood to drop out and accumulate in the tissues of the nearest upstream organ. This venous malformation at the sigmoid sinus is seen on my MRV.



This reduction in vein diameter causes serum ferritin to accumulate in the tissues of my brain. When this iron accumulation occurs directly at the brain the result is…


(This image is of me actuating a gag shock stapler)

…reduced neurological conductivity with-out pain (because there are not any pain receptors in the brain). This is why the immune system is removing the myelin from the neurons and axons of the brain and/or cervical spine. The immune system is looking for the foreign invader that is stealing the brain’s electricity and most certainly is hiding inside the axons and neurons! There is nothing wrong with our “dysfunctional immune system”. I submit the following image of my textbook example of a cerebral sinus thrombosis.





The accumulation of iron is decreasing the neuro-conductivity of the brain. The iron is increasing the resistance. Iron is a poor semiconductor of electricity. The immune system is not dysfunctional, it is in search of the “foreign invader” that is stealing the brain’s electricity and is most certainly hiding in the axons and neurons of the brain!

There is nothing wrong with my immune system, I am having a stroke!

It is not possible for the medical industrial complex to investigate a real, physical cause for autoimmune disease with a permanent solution, because it is not profitable. The medical world is financially dependent on the “theory of the dysfunctional immune system”. In the world of medicine, treatment is profitable, restoring people to their optimum health is not profitable.

Speech on social media that contradicts current medical theory is forbidden! The advertisers own the facts. According to them, our immune systems are dysfunctional. This is a fact carved in stone. When I include speech in my e-mails that expresses this viewpoint, the emails are rarely responded to. A question that I ask myself is, am I being paranoid or, is it possible that my written correspondences containing this speech are being intercepted?

Fake news and the propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry have been allowed to determine the facts. Dissenting viewpoints are not allowed.

There is not a definitive test for multiple sclerosis. Diagnosing MS is a diagnosis of exclusion. Test for all of the known diseases and if the person doesn’t test positive for one of them and they do show signs of demyelination on an MRI, then you receive the MS diagnosis.

I believe that my cerebral lateral thrombosis should be removed before settling on a diagnosis of MS. Can you help me receive treatment for my stroke?


David Dorris

This is why we have the freedom of speech.


Any acknowledgement of receipt of this message is tremendously appreciated!

I can be contacted at